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Fiber Laser Marking

Brand : leapion

Product origin : china

Delivery time : 5-7 days

Supply capacity : 200 set / month

Product Description:

鈥?Industrial machine type, popular layout, excellent effect of dust proof.
鈥?All-in鈥搊ne design of electric cabinet and working table.
鈥?High space between lifting table and working table, especially used for marking on small size work piece.
鈥?Packing size: 940*790*1550mm Net weight: 120KGS Gross weight: 170KGS


鈥?Electrical Engineering and Electrical part and component
鈥?Telecommunication product and Mobile communications(cover,battery,keyboard)
鈥?Jewelry,eyeglass,clocks and craft
鈥?Building materials,PVC pipe
鈥?Car motor car spare part
鈥?Instrument and meters and cutting tool
鈥?plastic case
鈥?aviation and aerospace,
鈥?military product,
鈥?hardware fitting and accessory
鈥?sanitary appliance
鈥?food and beverage
鈥?medicine package andmedical instrument
鈥?solar Pv industry: silicon wafer
鈥?other: rubber epoxy resin ABS Printing ink Coating film

鈥?Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine


Type specificationLP-F10LP-F20LP-F30LP-F50
Wave length of laser1064nm
Laser repetition frequency20kHz~80kHz
Laser power10W20W30W50W
Marking scope50*50/70*70 /100*100 /200*200mm/300*300mm
Laser sourcesFiber laser Raycus/ IPG
Laser HeadHigh speed scanning head
The minimum focus facula diameter20渭m
Minimal character0.01mm
Marking speed鈮?000mm/s



timg (1).jpg

 璐甸噾灞炴墦鏍?NOBLE METAL MARK.jpeg laser_marking_on_aeronautic_connector_0_0.jpg

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